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Sleep Apnea Testing, Treatment, and CPAP Alternatives in Des Moines

At Sleep Better Des Moines, we are passionate about treating sleep apnea. We offer a dental approach to treating sleep apnea with oral device therapy. These devices are FDA-approved and custom-made to meet your anatomical needs. These devices work by opening airways during your sleep and removing blockages.

Our treatment seeks to solve symptoms such as high blood pressure, snoring, and fatigue – all of which can be a sign of sleep apnea.

If you are in the central Iowa area, Sleep Better Des Moines is here to provide patient-friendly treatment. You can expect excellence at Sleep Better Des Moines. You will find that our sleep professionals are reliable, knowledgeable, friendly, and honest. Our streamlined process respects your time and is designed to treat sleep apnea effectively.

Our Standards


Prompt Service

Getting treatment shouldn’t be difficult and our team is here to help every step of your journey.


Compassionate Care

Treatment plans are customized based on your individual needs.


Team Approach

Your treatment team is with you through and after treatment to ensure you are getting the rest you deserve.

Our Services

CPAP Alternatives

CPAP does not work for everyone. Our sleep professionals specialize in CPAP alternatives that can effectively treat sleep apnea.

Sleep Apnea Testing

 Our team provides convenient and comfortable at-home sleep tests that you can take from the comfort of your own bed!

Oral Device Therapy

Our dentists specialize in oral device therapy. These devices are custom fit to your anatomical needs to treat your sleep apnea. 

Our Treatment Process

Getting treated is a straightforward process. Here are the steps:

Schedule a Consultation

Meet Your Sleep Specialist

Take an At-Home Sleep Test

Receive Your Diagnosis

Customized Treatment Plan

Sleep Better

About Us

Our Mission

We are passionate about saving lives with alternative treatments for sleep apnea. At Sleep Better Des Moines, our mission is to allow our patients to live longer and healthier lives. Our practice has found that many have tried to get help and have yet to find answers or the right treatment. We offer sleep apnea treatment alternatives with a patient-first mindset because we think that patients should be cared for and listened to.

Comfortable Sleep Testing

Sleep Better Des Moines offers at-home sleep tests as opposed to an in-lab assessment. This take-home test allows you to test for sleep apnea in the comfort of your own home. This data allows us to offer an accurate diagnosis.

CPAP Alternatives that Work!

We specialize in offering oral device therapy as a treatment option for sleep apnea. Our sleep team offers a dental approach to treating sleep apnea that allows you to treat sleep apnea with an oral device. These devices are FDA-approved and offer benefits such as comfort, cost, and effectiveness.

Oral devices reposition the jaw and tongue to prevent airway blockage, effectively treating sleep apnea by allowing for improved airflow during sleep.

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Sleep Apnea Treatment in Central Iowa

If seeking treatment for sleep apnea in central Iowa, look no further than Sleep Better Des Moines. Our sleep professionals are ready to learn more about your unique case and provide a customizable treatment plan.

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