CPAP Alternatives

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Treating Sleep Apnea is Within Reach

Have you had to stop using CPAP? You may have aspirations such as:

Being present for friends and family

Sharing the same bed with your partner

Being healthy enough to engage in hobbies

Feeling well rested

You don’t need to give up on these aspirations. Oral device therapy offers an effective option that addresses the reasons why CPAP did not work, is not sustainable, or is not the right treatment option for you.

Oral Device Therapy

Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) therapy uses a machine to deliver a continuous stream of air to maintain an open airway and treat sleep apnea. While the device works well for some people, others find it uncomfortable, unsustainable, or simply find other treatments to be more effective.
If CPAP is not for you, then you are in the right place. You are not alone.

Sleep Better Des Moines is committed to treating sleep apnea through alternative options. Our team of sleep professionals offers a dental approach to treating sleep apnea through oral device therapy. These devices can effectively treat sleep apnea, completely changing your life and allowing you to regain your health.

Oral device therapy offers a non-invasive approach to managing sleep apnea. Custom-made devices perform functions such as repositioning the jaw or tongue to prevent airway obstruction during sleep.

Our sleep professionals at Sleep Better Des Moines specialize in offering oral device therapy. Our dentists create custom oral devices that can effectively treat your sleep apnea.

Benefits of CPAP Alternatives

Alternatives such as oral device therapy offer significant benefits as a treatment option. Some of the most notable benefits are:


These devices are comfortable and wearable over the longer term. Many users are unable to maintain CPAP use.

Availability and safety:

Some CPAP models have had recalls over safety concerns in recent years. This can cause shortages of some stock, and leave some users concerned about safety.

No claustrophobia:

With an oral device, you will not feel constricted or stuck.


There are no noises with oral devices. These noises can often disrupt the sleep of the user, or the sleep of their partner.

Customizable to your anatomy:

Oral devices are not one-size-fits-all machines and can be customized to meet your anatomical needs.


Oral devices are much less invasive than a large machine or other treatment options that involve surgery.

Treat multiple conditions:

Other medical conditions can make CPAP use challenging. Oral device therapy can provide more manageable solutions to treating sleep apnea.


Anyone that travels frequently knows how difficult it is to bring items like a CPAP machine with them. Oral devices are designed to travel with you and are easy to move around.

These benefits outline why oral devices are a strong option as an alternative treatment. A sleep professional, such as the staff at Sleep Better Des Moines, can help you find the right option to treat sleep apnea.

Other Sleep Apnea Alternatives

Our team has expertise in oral device therapy. In addition, there are other sleep apnea alternatives available today.

Inspire device:

This device is an FDA-approved implant that is designed to manage obstructive sleep apnea. It monitors breathing patterns and stimulates nerves to keep airways functioning when it detects breathing interruptions. While Inspire is an alternative to CPAP, this device does require surgery. Oral device therapy does not require surgery or an implantable device and is effective at treating sleep apnea.

Lifestyle changes:

Changes such as weight loss, a healthy diet, and good sleep hygiene can help improve sleep apnea symptoms. Our sleep professionals often recommend lifestyle changes in supplement to oral device therapy.

Sleep apnea treatment does not stop at the sleep clinic’s office. Our team will help you find lifestyle changes that can be integrated into your day-to-day life and can go a long way.

Our sleep professionals are committed to finding the right sleep apnea treatment for you.

Getting Treated with a CPAP Alternative

Our process is simple but effective. Our staff is committed to offering patient-friendly care and prides ourselves on being professional, reliable, friendly, and efficient.

Here are the steps to treat sleep apnea at Sleep Better Des Moines:

Step 1: Schedule a consultation.
You can fill out a form right here on our website or give us a call to schedule an initial consultation. Here, you will meet with one of our sleep professionals. We will evaluate and determine the next steps, such as an at-home test.
Step 2: At-home test:
To accurately diagnose sleep apnea, an at-home test will provide our team with the data we need. You will wear this test at home to monitor your sleep. It will evaluate your heart rate, oxygen levels and movements to document sleep apnea episodes. You will then return the device to our convenient location in central Iowa or you can mail it back to our office
Step 3: Receive a diagnosis:
Our sleep professionals will put together an accurate diagnosis and work with you to develop a treatment plan.
Step 4: Treat sleep apnea with oral device therapy.
If oral device therapy is the right treatment plan for you, our professionals will build a custom-made device intended to effectively treat your case of sleep apnea. We will also provide follow-up monitoring and guidance.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Does the FDA approve any CPAP alternatives?
The FDA approves oral device therapy to treat obstructive sleep apnea. These devices work by adjusting the positioning of your jaw and tongue to help prevent airway obstruction during sleep. They are a proven alternative to CPAP machines and can significantly improve sleep quality and reduce sleep apnea symptoms. This approval demonstrates the efficacy and safety of this treatment. If you are looking for a CPAP alternative, you can be confident that the sleep professionals at Sleep Better Des Moines will provide you with the right treatment.
Where is Sleep Better Des Moines located?
Sleep Better Des Moines is located right in the heart of central Iowa. This location allows us to treat patients from a variety of locations all across central Iowa. We take pride in our patient-friendly approach and know that effective sleep apnea treatment can be life-changing. If you are in or near the central Iowa area, schedule a consultation today to learn more about CPAP alternatives and oral device therapy treatment. You can expect excellence when you treat sleep apnea at Sleep Better Des Moines.