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Meet the Sleep Better Des Moines Team

Our Mission & Vision

We are passionate about saving lives with alternative treatments for sleep apnea.

At Sleep Better Des Moines, our mission is to allow our patients to live longer and healthier lives. Our practice has found that many have tried to get help and have yet to find answers or the right treatment. We offer sleep apnea treatment alternatives with a patient-first mindset because we think that patients should be cared for and listened to.

Dr. Steffany Mohan, DDS

Founder & Provider

Since opening her first practice in 1996, Dr. Mohan has built and sold several dental offices throughout the years. Today, she currently owns five of the largest and most profitable practices in the state of Iowa, where she employs six associate dentists and 30 team members, including 10 full-time hygienists. She completed her Doctor of Dental Surgery degree at the University of Iowa well over 20 years ago and has attended advanced training in Invisalign, dental implants, and other specialties. She has also served as the Associate Clinical Director for the OsteoReady™ courses, in addition to being a dedicated consultant in more than 100 individual practices, driving dental implant production and management systems in particular.

Over the varied course of her career, Dr. Mohan has been chosen for countless clinical and practice management educator positions due to her history of tried-and-true success. She has a true passion when it comes to mentoring and guiding colleagues through clinical management systems. She has been a Six Month Smiles clinical coach and is a celebrated lecturer throughout the United States as well as on an international scale. For her, clinical skills alone aren’t adequate in today’s challenging environment when practicing dentistry – she firmly advocates that dentists need to learn how to combine technical abilities with strong workplace values and excellent practice management systems to elevate their offices to the next level.

Lisa Thornton

Sleep Coordinator

Since attending the University of Kansas, Lisa has been in the customer service industry for over 30 years and is very passionate about treating people with kindness, compassion and respect.

She started her professional career in the Real Estate business.  She worked for the leading real estate company in Iowa as the Branch office coordinator for the top sales people in the industry.  

Over the course of her career, she served as an Executive Assistant for the President and Vice President of the largest convenience store in the midwest that also owned several other successful multi million dollar companies.  She managed a customer service department of a local malpractice insurance company and represented the company at a number of yearly trade shows.

For the last 20 years while raising a family on her own, she’s owned and operated a large Commercial and Residential Cleaning Business of over 45 homes and 3 commercial properties.  Her attention to detail, trustworthiness and reputation made her business a huge success.

As the Sleep Coordinator of Sleep Better Des Moines, she specializes in Oral Appliance Therapy and treatment of snoring and sleep apnea.  She does Marketing and Sales to Des Moines area Physicians and helps refer their patients to Sleep Better Des Moines.  She makes it a priority that patient care needs meet high quality standards for healthy sleep.

Accessible Sleep Apnea Treatment

Our process is simple but effective. Our staff is committed to offering patient-friendly care and prides ourselves on being professional, reliable, friendly, and efficient.

Here are the steps to treat sleep apnea at Sleep Better Des Moines:

Step 1: Schedule a consultation.
You can fill out a form right here on our website or give us a call to schedule an initial consultation. Here, you will meet with one of our sleep professionals. We will evaluate and determine the next steps, such as an at-home test.
Step 2: At-home test:
To accurately diagnose sleep apnea, an at-home test will provide our team with the data we need. You will wear this test at home to monitor your sleep. It will evaluate your heart rate, oxygen levels and movements to document sleep apnea episodes. You will then return the device to our convenient location in central Iowa.
Step 3: Receive a diagnosis:
Our sleep professionals will put together an accurate diagnosis and work with you to develop a treatment plan.
Step 4: Treat sleep apnea with oral device therapy.
If oral device therapy is the right treatment plan for you, our professionals will build a custom-made device intended to effectively treat your case of sleep apnea. We will also provide follow-up monitoring and guidance.