Oral Device Therapy


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Healthy sleep is a foundational aspect of a healthy life for you and those around you.

Many people live with sleep apnea, whether they are aware of it or not. This condition can have noticeable impacts and lead to long-term health risks if not addressed. At Sleep Better Des Moines, we provide exceptional care and helpful recommendations to treat sleep apnea. Our sleep professionals test for and diagnose sleep apnea and bring expertise in oral device therapy. This treatment is effective at treating sleep apnea and is a great option if you are being diagnosed for the first time or if you haven’t had success with other treatment options.

Advantages of Oral Device Therapy

There are countless reasons why using oral device therapy as a sleep apnea treatment is the right move for you. Here are some of the advantages of using oral device therapy over traditional methods:


Oral device therapy has been clinically proven to treat obstructive sleep apnea symptoms.


Other treatments have gone through safety recalls. Oral device therapy remains a safe alternative. Oral device therapy is even approved by the FDA to treat sleep apnea.


Oral devices are fitted to your mouth by dentists. This means the device is designed to fit you – not a one-size-fits-all device.


We find patients can tolerate oral devices much more efficiently than large clunky machines over the long term due to comfort and tolerance.


Take your oral device with you on the road or use it at home.


These devices are easy to clean.

Overview of Oral Devices

Oral devices are designed to treat sleep apnea and are custom-designed to fit a patient’s mouth. Some oral devices resemble mouthguards or dental retainers and work by gently repositioning the lower jaw and tongue forward, preventing airway collapse and reducing snoring. Other devices are more strictly focused on keeping the tongue in a forward position, which helps maintain an open airway.

The right device for you is based on your anatomical needs, sleep apnea diagnosis, and insurance coverage. The FDA has approved oral device therapy as a treatment for obstructive sleep apnea.

Herbst Oral Devices

Herbst oral devices are a brand of oral devices commonly used to treat sleep apnea. The devices have strong adjustability and comfort, making them a popular choice among patients.

These devices are proven to offer significant relief from the symptoms of sleep apnea, leading to improved sleep quality and overall health. If you’re looking for an effective and minimally invasive treatment for sleep apnea, Herbst oral devices may be an excellent option to explore.

Herbst devices are some of the most common devices on the market and are also covered by some health insurances, including Medicare in many states.

Getting Treated with a CPAP Alternative

Our process is simple but effective. Our staff is committed to offering patient-friendly care and prides ourselves on being professional, reliable, friendly, and efficient.

Here are the steps to treat sleep apnea at Sleep Better Des Moines:

Step 1: Schedule a consultation.
You can fill out a form right here on our website or give us a call to schedule an initial consultation. Here, you will meet with one of our sleep professionals. We will evaluate and determine the next steps, such as an at-home test.
Step 2: At-home test:
To accurately diagnose sleep apnea, an at-home test will provide our team with the data we need. You will wear this test at home to monitor your sleep. It will evaluate your heart rate, oxygen levels and movements to document sleep apnea episodes. You will then return the device to our convenient location in central Iowa.
Step 3: Receive a diagnosis:
Our sleep professionals will put together an accurate diagnosis and work with you to develop a treatment plan.
Step 4: Treat sleep apnea with oral device therapy.
If oral device therapy is the right treatment plan for you, our professionals will build a custom-made device intended to effectively treat your case of sleep apnea. We will also provide follow-up monitoring and guidance.

Frequently Asked Questions.

How many sleep tests does it take to be prescribed with an oral device?
In most cases, it takes just one at-home sleep test. These at-home sleep teams are cost-effective and accurate and allow you to take the test in the comfort of your own home with your normal sleeping conditions. Multiple tests or a lab may be necessary in rare situations, but in most cases, our team can gather all the information we need from the initial at-home test to accurately diagnose sleep apnea. From there, our sleep professionals will put together a treatment plan to address your sleep apnea and help you regain your health.
Where can I find oral device therapy treatment in central Iowa?
Sleep Better Des Moines proudly serves central Iowa and the surrounding areas. Our team takes pride in offering professional, reliable, and efficient care. We know the negative impact sleep apnea can have on you and those around you. We’ve also seen the dramatic impact that effective treatment can have. Our sleep professionals specialize in oral device therapy, which is an effective treatment option for sleep apnea. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.